2 Associated Press journalists deported from Belarus for covering its protest following president Alexander Lukashenko’s electoral win

2 Associated Press journalists covering the enormous exhibits in Belarus following president Alexander Lukashenko’s latest electoral success, have been expelled from the nation. For as long as three weeks, irritated protesters have rampaged the previous Soviet republic of 9.5 million occupants to question the head’s political race triumph that incorporated a dubiously high 80% of votes.

Protesters asserts the outcomes were messed with and are requesting Lukashenko to quit. This assault on press is another perilous advance toward more repression rather than discourse with the populace. The Belarusian Association of Journalists said accreditation was additionally repudiated from 17 Belarusians working at other news sources. This shows by and by that autonomous announcing in Belarus keeps on being ruined and is made practically unimaginable.