Shirtless man swinging a spear cut a 15-year-old in the forehead in Times Square

15-year-old kid was with companions close to the edge of Seventh Ave. also, W. 42nd St. at the point when the spear-using man drew closer on a bicycle. The shirtless man, and clad in dark shorts swung the spear at the 15-year-old, slashing his forehead.

As spectators called 911, the man rode away on his bicycle down Seventh Ave. Police said he utilized his spear to penetrate vehicle tires he saw in transit.

At the point when cops hurried to the adolescent’s guide, the suspect returned and displayed the spear, which was a broomstick with a blade appended. Cops curbed the man with a Taser. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for a mental assessment.