Jacob Blake protest dispersed after police shot tear gas during the curfew in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Police shot tear gas to scatter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday night as they exhibited against one more police shooting of a Black man. Jacob Blake lay in an emergency clinic with genuine wounds, having been shot in the back multiple times, as per what could be seen on video taken by a spectator. His condition was steady as of Monday evening.

Several dissenters merged on the county courthouse during the second night of fights as the National Guard was brought in and off-ramps off Interstate 94 from the Illinois state line into Kenosha County were shut, some of them closed off by police vehicles and trucks. Around 30 minutes into the protest, the tear gas came, yet it didn’t discourage protesters. In any case, the group seemed to disperse.

The protest ejected on Sunday after police shot Blake multiple times in the back as he inclined toward a SUV conveying his three kids. Family lawyer Ben Crump said he had been separating a household battle between two ladies. Police have given the examination over to the state justice department and the neighborhood district lawyer. The officials have been put on administrative leave pending the examination.