WordPress founder publicly humiliated Apple for locking the app from Apple store

WordPress originator Matt Mullenwag tweeted on Friday that the WordPress app had been bolted out of the app store. The limitations Apple set on the organization forestalled WordPress from updating its iOS app. The main way WordPress would have the option to determine the issue was to change its app status to remember for app buys. The change Apple mentioned, whenever executed, would have given Apple a 30% cut of WordPress’ in-app deals.

In any case, WordPress did exclude any in-app buys. As indicated by Apple, WordPress had been publicizing its premium packages in the app – despite the fact that clients couldn’t really buy those packages in the app. Yet, Mullenwag had just expelled the payment choice when Apple continued to hinder WordPress’ iOS updates. After Mullenwag broke the news on Twitter on Friday, Apple apologized to WordPress and will no longer stop updates or require the organization to change its free app status to incorporate app buys.