NY desperately needs strong apolitical leadership to survive the pandemic

Covid-19 has slaughtered more than 23,000 of us, made thousands more wiped out and sent 800,000 occupations and checking to the branch shredder. It has laid a progression of firmly associated emergencies at the feet of NYC’s present authority. We’ve battle and won against cholera scourges, riots, melancholies, financial disaster and wrongdoing waves. Each time, NYC bounced back to the mental fortitude, resourcefulness, assurance and vision of its pioneers and its kin.

This time, an exceptionally infectious and destructive infection turned perhaps the best resource, its groups, its closeness, into a risk, for a period of yet-obscure length. It has raised the genuine hazard that as employment misfortunes and budgetary contractions bring forth family and business mass migrations and declining tax revenue and administration cuts, the city will start a descending winding.

What we have to endure is intense, practical, objective initiative shot through with innovative speculation to hold over this town’s 8.6 million occupants until the superb day shows up when it is by and by safe to get into Yankee Stadium’s stands and Broadway theaters, crunch into subway, stream into office lifts, and veer up to attractive outsiders at the bar. City council should make new economic advancement projects to meet the occasion, and hurl the tax breaks we made for emergencies in the past. More than ever, intensify this current city’s natural gravitational draw for the driven and pioneering, and seed the development of new undertakings that give lower-gifted laborers new chances to gain their keep.