Lake Piru where Naya Rivera was found dead after an outing with her son has reopened

Lake Piru where Naya Rivera was discovered dead after an excursion with her young child has reopened. Rivera leased a pontoon a month ago with her 4-year-old child, who was later discovered snoozing on the vessel without his mom.

Jumpers found Rivera’s body on July 13 and the official post-mortem examination recorded the reason for death as drowning. After a dip, specialists said she figured out how to get her child back onto the vessel as it floated however needed more solidarity to spare herself.

Rivera’s demise, the ninth that has happened in Lake Piru since 1994, started a petition to boycott swimming there. It gathered 12,000 signatures, inciting authorities to present a “no swimming rule.” Sailing, picnicking and fishing on the lake are still permitted.