Uber’s former chief security officer charged for hiding 2016 data breach

Uber’s previous chief security officer has been accused of attempting to cover from federal examiners a 2016 data compromise that uncovered the data of 57 million clients to hackers. An objection recorded on Thursday in the US District Court in San Francisco asserts that Joe Sullivan, who drove Uber’s security group for over two years until November 2017, occupied with a plan to retain and hide both the hack and the measure of data that was uncovered from the US Federal Trade Commission.

The objection charges that Sullivan and Uber orchestrated to pay the hackers $100,000 in return for consenting to a non-disclosure agreement about the hack, which erroneously stated that they had not gotten to or put away any organization data. Uber didn’t uncover the hack or the installment until late 2017. The examination was called to investigate claims that the ride-share organization disregarded state-level notice laws by deliberately retaining that the break happened.