It’s time for New York City to take care of the FDNY paramedics

For past 6 months, NYC’s FDNY Emergency Medical Service experts were in the city’s ground zero each and every day reacting to the health needs of inhabitants in emergency, as we gazed intently at a surge of coronavirus crises. Call volumes for these life and passing crises spiked an uncommon half, however our reliable and expert FDNY paramedics and emergency medical specialists, along with our 911 dispatchers, kept the wheels from truly tumbling off the rescue vehicle. Without them, the outcomes of COVID-19 could have been significantly more lethal for New Yorkers.

However right up ’til today, city officials have done little to nothing to help cutting edge medical first responders with counseling to help address the delayed consequences of continually reacting to spare the lives of those hanging on by a thread. The individuals from the FDNY EMS service require and merit the city’s assistance. That incorporates quick and critical psychological wellness service. It likewise incorporates lifting them out of the shadow of the lowest pay permitted by law and the off the destitution line.

These amazing and devoted first responders ought to be remunerated reasonably for the risky and exceptionally gifted medical work they do. To be paid 40% below the huge numbers of our city’s other first responders is an insult to the minority workforce at the FDNY EMS. We realize financial plans are tight. We realize circumstances are difficult. In any case, that is no reason to hang out to dry a basic workforce that spares lives by the thousands.