MS Office products won’t work on Internet Explorer from Aug. 17, 2021

Microsoft recently declared that its workplace chat software Teams will not, at this point be accessible on Internet Explorer as of November 30, and its 365 applications, including Office products, won’t deal with IE starting August 17, 2021. IE is supernaturally still around following 25 years. Previously the most-utilized web browser, Internet Explorer had been on a consistent descending direction for quite a long time. Microsoft built up an entirely different browser, delivering Edge in 2015. In any case, Edge didn’t really supplant IE, it is right up ’til the present time is pre-installed on Windows PCs with Edge.

Microsoft has kept on delivering IE with Windows to guarantee that corporate applications continue working appropriately. Corporations will in general be exceptionally delayed to receive new browser versions, especially on the off chance that they custom form applications for them. The organization said that its most recent version of the Edge browser underpins web applications that worked for IE so clients don’t need to continue exchanging between browsers.