23-year-old mother of two kidnapped & then murdered by a violent gang in Mexico

A 23-year-old mother of two was ruthlessly killed in Mexico, where her body was found with different indications of torment a week ago. Lizbeth Flores was shrouded in wounds and every last bit of her teeth were missing when specialists discovered her body close to an enormous stone in Matamoros, which is legitimately over the border from Brownsville, where she lived with her family.

The lady was accounted for missing on Aug. 10 in the wake of neglecting to come back from Mexico, where her family said she had gone to discover her beau. Lizbeth’s mom said she called the Brownsville Police Department however didn’t get any assistance. Her little girl was discovered dead the next day. The family accepts she was coerced, kidnapped and afterward killed by a savage posse that works in Matamoros.