Increase in verbal harassment, menacing, thievery & fighting on NYC streets

In light of COVID-19 and the basic need to lessen thickness in our shelters and correctional facilities, the city acted rapidly, however without network conference, to put single grown-up male destitute people in void hotel rooms. A disproportionate number of these transitory shelters went in West Midtown, flooding the territory with in excess of 4,000 impermanent shelter inhabitants. Our roads are presently invaded with dangerous and hostile to social practices, including glaring intravenous drug use, forceful begging, spitting on people on foot, verbal badgering and threatening, burglary and battling. Throughout the day, throughout the night, on our walkways and other open spaces.

Occupants, alarmed by conditions, are escaping the zone to remain with companions or family in different neighborhoods. Eateries, battling to remain in business with open air eating, see their clients irritated and scared, their food spit on and people uncovering and diminishing themselves. The city has made a perilous and unmanageable circumstance by putting such a large number of individuals from this weak populace in a territory previously facilitating a lot of social service facilities, including 10 shelters, methadone centers, a needle trade and a parole board, among others. West Midtown’s two significant transportation center points are known magnets for hostile to social conduct, and the transitory shelters have just exacerbated this issue.

Long periods of network upgrades and interest in the region are being fixed. The prompt effect is extreme, however the drawn out viewpoint will be far and away more terrible if the city doesn’t make a move now. Better conventions, methods, policing and coordination between the city, shelters, road outreach groups and networks are required, however these measures alone won’t tackle this circumstance. We call upon the city to give the brief shelters unquestionably more reasonably all through the city. Along these lines, we may all support endeavors to resettle this weak populace until they can come back to gather lodging, however we will have the option to do as such in a protected and sensible manner.