Mother & her 2 kids taken off from Southwest flight as her 3-year-old kid with autism wouldn’t wear his mask

A Texas mother said she and her two kids were taken off from a Southwest flight since her child, a 3-year-old who has autism, would not wear his mask. Alyssa Sadler was trying to fly from Midland back home to Houston with the kid and her 1-year-old little girl on Monday when the incident happened. The plane was preparing to leave, yet before it could, the mother was informed her 3-year-old would need to put on a mask before departure.

At the point when the kid began to fall apart, the captain restored the airplane to the gate and reported he’d done as such because of a rebellious traveler. She attempted to explain to flight crew that her child has a tactile processing issue and doesn’t prefer to have his face contacted. Sadler likewise gave a note from his primary care physician, however that didn’t make a difference, she said.

According to Southwest Airline guidelines, all clients over age two need to cover their faces while traveling to control the spread of COVID-19, which is noted during both the online booking and check-in process. In an update a month ago, the airline finished face mask exclusions for travelers beyond 2 years old and suspended clinical special cases for the PPE, citing evolving information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The standard is just one of numerous progressions to flying and travel incited by the quick spreading coronavirus. A few different airlines have likewise executed social distancing on board their flights, blocking off certain seats to give their clients more room.