Baton Rouge Police charged 3 ladies involved in attacking Chilli’s waitress

Three grown-ups have been charged in a silly assault on a young Chili’s lady who would not let their huge gathering sit together due to restaurant’s coronavirus limitations. The suspects are among twelve or so ladies who flew into a fierce anger when the casualty denied their solicitation to sit at a solitary table Saturday in Baton Rouge.

The lady, 17-year-old Kelsy Wallace, was taken to the clinic for treatment and got five stitches over her eye. Following an examination and survey of restaurant’s camera recording, police on Thursday captured three relatives regarding the assault. Tammy Dabney, 48, was accused of second-degree battery and Erika Dabney, 46, was accused of simple battery.

The third family member, 27-year-old Rodneka Dabney, was given a summons for simple battery. Wallace, who was working at the eatery to set aside cash for her education, said she was simply attempting to carry out her responsibility and abstain from getting in a tough situation with her managers.

The organization has uncertainly prohibited gatherings of at least six visitors from sitting at a solitary table to forestall the spread of COVID-19. Be that as it may, the Dabneys and their gathering were not having it and turned out to be progressively perturbed at Wallace, propelling into a chilling assault on the youthful representative. The aggressors in the end let her go and fled the scene in discrete vehicles before police showed up.