America needs more drop-off locations for filled-out ballots

With a president determined to upset the capacity of the Postal Service to get ballots to residents and back to ballot counters, state pioneers who care about running a reasonable and free election in the middle of a pandemic have taken advantage of a workaround. It’s straightforward, splendid and ought to be broadly embraced around America: secure drop-off locations for filled-out ballots.

Gov. Cuomo glided the chance of setting them up around NY. New Jersey’s Phil Murphy went further, promising to put such boxes over the Garden State, while additionally astutely committing to send a clear ballot to each voter some time before Election Day. In 2020, designing and fabricating sealed drop-off boxes isn’t actually a next-level engineering accomplishment. However, the advantage is incalculable for millions, particularly more established and handicapped Americans trying to remain safe from a fatal microorganism while exercising their most essential right.

Party primaries this spring and summer left a huge number of voters disappointed, either in light of the fact that they got their mail-in ballots past the point of no return, or on the grounds that the Post Office couldn’t get them back to counters in time. To forestall a November catastrophe, the USPS needs an infusion of crisis funding and help from simply forced guidelines that are slowing conveyance across the nation. The Postal Service sent letters to 46 states on Friday warning that it couldn’t ensure all ballots cast via mail for the November election will show up so as to be tallied.