60-year-old Black man killed by a White Georgia state trooper for broken tail light

Georgia state trooper was accused of homicide on Friday after he shot a Black man who endeavored to escape a traffic stop seven days back. Jacob Gordon Thompson, 27, pursued down Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis, 60, in provincial Screven County, before emptying one round.

Lewis was articulated dead at the scene. Riding in a Nissan Sentra, he had driven Thompson on a concise pursue. Lewis never escaped his car and only seconds after the accident, he was shot to death.

“No one should have to bury a loved one simply because of a busted tail light,” said the Rev. James Woodall. “This was a case of racial profiling. We are not necessarily happy right now. Yes, the man was arrested, but we’re done dying.” The examination is progressing and Thompson will be set up for Screven County Jail. The Georgia Department of Public Safety said it terminated Thompson after he was charged on Friday. He had been a trooper for the Georgia State Patrol since 2013.