Investigation shows pro poker player Susie Zhao died after she was raped & burned

Susie Zhao, pro poker player whose body was found gravely consumed on July 13 in Michigan, was bound and attacked before she was murdered. Cops said Zhao was tied up with zip-ties, sexually ambushed with an enormous article and afterward lit ablaze until she passed on.

Jeffery Morris, 60, has been accused of executing Zhao. Police captured Morris on July 31 and later accused him of first-degree premeditated homicide. Call records demonstrated that Morris and Zhao met in West Lake Township, on the night of July 12. Morris told police that Zhao left around 12 PM and took her mobile, yet cops said area data shows Zhao’s phone at an inn until 5 a.m. on July 13.

Police said when they kept Morris he had a bloody baseball bat and bloody bed sheets in his vehicle and his home. They likewise found a lot of physical proof that is being tested at the county crime lab. Cops have not decided the intention for the homicide yet. At the time she was killed, Zhao, 33, returned subsequent to playing pro poker in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for quite a long while.