28 year-old Chinese man weighing 550 pounds fell into a well & saved by firefighters

A youthful Chinese man who fell into a well a week ago was spared by his unmistakable mid-body region. Firefighters showed up on scene Friday evening, Henan Province to discover a to some degree hefty man, 28, who supposedly experiences emotional well-being issues and ended up stuck underneath his chest.

The man, whose last name is Liu, is assessed to weigh around 550 pounds, and was spared by salvage laborers, close by residents, and firefighters who united together. Different outlets announced Liu gauged a little under 300 pounds. They tied ropes around Liu, who incredibly was not genuinely harmed in the episode, and just endured scraped spots.

The well, which has a place with his family, had evaporated and should have been covered yet had been loaded up with sundries, including wood. In spite of the fact that it was planned to make the well more smaller, Liu unintentionally slipped and fell in.