Mother of three found dead after getting kidnapped by ex-husband

A missing Texas mother of three has been discovered dead only one day after observers said they recognized her ex constraining her into a SUV and dashing ceaselessly. Melissa Banda was purportedly captured on Thursday by Richard Ford, who is currently confronting one tally of disturbed kidnapping. Her dead body was found in a rustic region day later, around 11:33 p.m. on Friday, Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra declared.

A quest for the missing 37-year-old was propelled after observers detailed that Banda was taken without wanting to by a man, later recognized as her previous mate, who was driving a white Dodge SUV at that point. Banda had recently taken out a protective order against Ford. She told specialists he disregarded the order as of late as June 30.

Ford was captured on Saturday and charged the next day. He’d just been needed on two warrants at that point, including for violating a court order and badgering. He stayed in the slammer on Tuesday in lieu of $2.5 million bail.