Clint Frazier gets a golden opportunity from Yankees after Giancarlo Stanton got on the injured list

Clint Frazier will get one more opportunity after Giancarlo Stanton got on the injured list, the Yankees will review the outfielder. In spite of the fact that he made the Opening Day roster, the outfielder was optioned the primary end of the week as the casualty of a numbers crunch that has hounded him, alongside his helpless defense, his whole time with the Yankees.

After a 2018 spring training blackout that restricted Frazier to 54 games, 15 at the major league level, Frazier has been positioned at the base of the rundown of big league outfielders. One scout brings up he despite everything has the apparatuses to get adequate out there, he has better than expected speed and a normal to better than expected arm quality, however his impulses and vision out there appear undermined by his absence of improvement and wounds. While Frazier is far from being a set up big-league player, his latent capacity is a lot more prominent there.