6 French tourists & 2 Nigeriens killed in the attack at an African wildlife park

Shooters on motorbikes assaulted a gathering at a wildlife park in Niger in western Africa Sunday. Six French vacationers and two Nigeriens were slaughtered in the assault at The Koure Giraffe Reserve in the Tillaberi region, Gov. Tidjani Ibrahim Katiella said.

The giraffe reserve, situated around 40 miles southeast of the capital Niamey, is a mainstream traveler goal in the landlocked nation. French President Emmanuel Macron’s office has been in contact with the Nigerien government, however the subtleties of those discussions have not been made open.

The French government has recently cautioned its residents from going in numerous pieces of Niger to maintain a strategic distance from Boko Haram and members of the Islamic State. An alliance of Western African and European nations, including France, are right now occupied with a battle against Islamist aggressors in the Sahel region, a region south of the Sahara Desert that extends the width of the African landmass that incorporates Niger and parts of a few different nations.