40 year-old Florida man arrested for knocking Slurpee onto 7-Eleven worker

A Florida man was jailed on Friday after he thumped a Slurpee drink onto a 7-Eleven representative in the wake of contending over the refreshment’s cost. As per Pinellas Park County court records, Brian Duffy, 40, purportedly got into a contention about the cost of the cold drink with a female worker at the 7-Eleven around 9:20 a.m. on July 26. As indicated by observation film, Duffy was recorded back giving the cup loaded with a Slurpee drink out of the representative’s hand. The Slurpee flew onto the casualty’s individual.

Duffy left the store before police reacted yet returned there Friday and the casualty called attention to him to the police. Duffy afterwards confessed to police that he was disturbed about being charged a lot for a drink yet said he didn’t recall splashing her with Slurpee or thumping it from her hands.

Duffy was charged with lawful offense battery in the episode as a result of an earlier battery conviction and is as of now being held in the county jail. An appointed authority requested him to avoid the store where the episode happened and to not have any contact with the person in question.