Comedian Andy Dick is suing a man who punched him outside a New Orleans club

The 54-year-old entertainer Andy Dick is suing a Louisiana man, whom he guarantees punched him outside a New Orleans dance club in 2019. The lawsuit, recorded July 30, uncovers that the previous NewsRadio star is looking for remuneration for medical costs and lost wages, among different harms.

Dick asserts the Aug. 10, 2019, punch by aggressor David Hale, 47, caused genuine, permanent and crippling wounds. Hale demands that Dick incited him into striking after the joke artist got Hale’s private parts and winked at him outside One Eyed Jacks.

Dick denies he contacted Hale. The whole suit is silly, seethed Hale’s attorney, Michael Kennedy, on Friday. Kennedy likewise called it horrifying that Dick would look for lost wages during the COVID-19 flare-up.

On July 28, the New Orleans District Attorney’s office said it would drop arraignment of Hale since Dick had not been in contact with investigators. Be that as it may, district attorney spokesman Ken Daley said the case could proceed if Dick converses with the D.A.

After Dick completed his One Eyed Jacks set, Hale — on display of an observation camera and different observers — approached Dick outside the club and timed him on the correct side of his face, noted cops at that point.

Dick apparently fell over a bike and lost cognizance while Hale left the scene. Cops asserted Hale punched another man in the eye while endeavoring to get away. Dick was hurried to Tulane University Medical Center, where he was treated for a cerebrum drain yet was delivered the following day.