The mysterious case of missing mother whose son was found wandering alone in a Florida parking lot

The FBI has joined the quest for a missing mother whose son was discovered meandering alone in a Florida parking lot almost fourteen days prior. Leila Cavett has not been gotten notification from since 2-year-old Kamdyn Cavett was discovered lost and shoeless on July 26 in Miramar. He was wearing only a shirt and dirtied diaper at that point.

The 21-year-old mother, who lives in Atlanta, Ga., was most recently seen alive a day sooner driving a white Chevy 3500, with a red tailgate and a ‘Baby on Board’ sign in the traveler window. Specialists found the vehicle abandoned in a Walmart parking lot a couple of days after the fact on July 28.

Her family has said she has no ties in Florida, so it’s hazy why she was in the region. Following 10 days of looking, they have started to smell a rat in Cavett’s vanishing. “We’re still looking, we have posters printed off,” her sister, Tyuania Cavett, told CBS Miami.

“We have people down there who are trying to get search parties together and even people in Georgia that are still looking out.” Cavett’s dad, Curtis Cavett, who has ventured to Florida to help with the inquiry, said he speculates his girl was making a trip to meet a man she’d connected with online.