Ryan Christenson does a Nazi salute after the Oakland A’s win

Oakland A’s seat coach Ryan Christenson seemed to impersonate a Nazi salute after Thursday’s down and later apologized. The video shows Christenson, 46, render the salute in a postgame elbow tap line. Help pitcher Liam Hendriks quickly calls him out and pushes his arm, so, all in all Christenson seems to chuckle before quickly re-saluting.

“Of course I’m sorry for it,” Christenson told the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser after the game. “It’s like standing there with my middle finger up. Anyone should know better.”

“Obviously I wasn’t doing that intentionally. I just blacked out, my mind wasn’t there, and I spaced out. I’m sure it looks terrible. I did it but it was not intentional. I don’t know what more to say.” He played in the big leagues from 1998-2003 and caught the A’s seat coach work in 2018 in the wake of working through the minor league positions.