A $346 million football match, Brentford vs Fulham

Brentford and Fulham will challenge what’s been named the world’s most important football match on Tuesday as they fight it out in the Championship play-off last. The victor will be granted a spot in next season’s Premier League and will receive the monetary rewards of playing in English football’s first class.

As indicated by investigation from Deloitte, Fulham could win an extra $176 million over the following three seasons on the off chance that it is advanced, while Brentford stands to make $209 million. Brentford, which still can’t seem to highlight in the Premier League, is set to make more since it’s not getting parachute payments which Fulham right now gets after its assignment in 2019. Parachute payments are intended to assist clubs with altering monetarily to life outside of the Premier League on the off chance that they are consigned.

Notwithstanding, if Tuesday’s boss maintains a strategic distance from assignment in its first season in the Premier League, it stands to make an extra $346 million of income throughout the following five years, dominatingly through communicate bargains.

“Given the recent impact of Covid-19, it is likely that the financial impact of promotion will be better received than ever before. The increased revenue provides these clubs with the platform from which they can develop on and off the pitch,” said Tim Bridge, director in Deloitte’s Sports Business Group.

“Promotion to the Premier League provides clubs with the financial resources to make strategic investments. While this typically includes increased expenditure in on-pitch playing talent, it still remains important that promoted clubs are committed to their longer-term financial responsibility.” Eyes presently go to Wembley Stadium for the champ brings home all the glory exhibition.